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Still, the company owning MV Faina denied reports yesterday by the Al-Sharq al-Awsat , an Arabic newspaper being published in London , concerning a new date for the release of MV Faina , the sum of a ransom or details about the negotiating process.

In this part of the world, misinformation can be guarantied. DAY 42 -- No change since Sept. We become wrapped, entwined within 42 days of ever more familiar rhetoric -- as if the script were on a recorded loop.

Pirate attacks continue to worsen. World naval fleets surround MV Faina. Exactly who is looking foolish here? The Russian news agency Itar-Tass reports today talks between the owner of MV Faina and the pirates are effectively going on, and there are reasons to believe that they will be completed within a few days, says a press release of the ship owner, published by the Morskoy Bulletin-Sovfracht journal on Nov.

I do hope nothing like that will take place. The crew are in good health, they have enough food and water," the Faina ship owner reported.

The dead body of MV Faina master Capt. Vladimir Kolobkov , who died early in the incident, is said still on board the ship, but they hope it will soon be taken to his home country.

The pirates are very much afraid to turn it over to any of the officers, for fear that the ship will be assaulted.

Russian Baltic Fleet 's supply-tanker Yelnya was due Nov. Around 60 foreign ships have been hijacked by Somali pirates this year alone. A total of foreign sailors were taken hostage in September alone.

There is no word of negotiations. When will the world step up? How long will these thugs be treated as lawful representatives of some duly constituted government?

Twenty-three crew members were on board the chemical tanker when pirates seized it in the Gulf of Aden on Nov. An armed helicopter carrying marine commandoes forced the pirates to abort their hijack attempt, the ministry said.

Russian Navy spokesman Capt. Navy patrol monitors the MV Faina -- in the hands of pirates since September The crew of MV Faina have circulated an email saying they have run out of fresh water, food and fuel, a Russian online maritime bulletin said on Nov.

We grant that this is a complex situation, but at 49 days -- embarrassment sets in. Navy -- Whwn will This End? The pirates were shot Nov.

HMS Cumberland was conducting routine Nato maritime security operations in the Gulf of Aden when a number of its crew boarded the dhow.

The British crew "had reason to believe" the vessel had been involved in an attack on the Danish-registered MV Powerful earlier that day.

The pirates fired at MV Powerful from automatic weapons and made two attempted to seize it. The Russian and British ships repelled the attack.

The Royal Marine inflatables circled the dhow in an attempt to stop it. Pirates on the dhow fired at the British commandos who returned fire in self-defence , the UK Ministry of Defence said.

Two of the pirate dhow crew were killed. The rest of the crew surrendered and the pirate vessel was boarded 60 miles south of the Yemeni coast.

We believe the Somali pirate thugs now , truly hate the day they chose this particular MV Faina. As we have stated, this is a dangerous situation for the crew of MV Faina.

There is no other news from MV Faina tonight. Navy Photo On Nov. The attack caused a fire in a cabin , but the freighter maneuvered away from the pirates' boat.

Allowing this world " premiere " pirate hijacking to continue. The stand off only places more mariners in jeopardy.

Were it not for politicl constraint, the U. Nvay would have ended this some time ago. Despite the horrible situation in Somalia -- MV Faina is an embolding symbol to the prirate continuing effort.

NATO officials said alliance warships have not fended off any attacks on the merchant ships they are protecting. The other crewmembers are Indian nationals.

According to the journal, none of the sailors were harmed after two months in captivity. DAY 52 Relatives of the Ukrainian crewmembers said they had raised money for ransom.

We prefer USS Howard. Navy Fifth Fleet Headquarters said today that it's not about to use its military might to free a giant oil tanker or other ship captured by Somali pirates because if naval forces recover one ship, they would have to recover them all.

Besides, a Pentagon official asked, what would they do with all the captured pirates? Fifth Fleet has dozens of ships patrolling the pirate-infested waters off the Somali coast in the Gulf of Aden and in the Indian Ocean.

They have been joined by warships from several other nations trying to create a safe corridor through the busy shipping lanes.

Nevertheless, 95 ships have been attacked and 39 captured so far this year. Seventeen of those ships remain in pirate hands -- along with some captive crew.

For reasons which include inaction by the world's most powerful navies -- the Somali tribal pirates have become emboldened to extend their reach.

Now Somali pirates in speedboats have extended their reach to prey on shipping lanes crucial to the oil supply. Dubai -based Vela International Marine Ltd.

NATO and the U. Navy say they can't be everywhere, and American officials are urging ships to hire private security. Warships patrolling off Somalia have succeeded in stopping some pirate attacks.

But military assaults to wrest back a ship are highly risky and, to this point, uncommon. The pirates struck some miles off the coast of East Africa, far out to sea where ships were beyond the former mile danger zone and presumed to be safe.

Still, we question whether a direct method of protecting other inocent mariners from an attack tomorrow -- is to deal with what we have today.

The pirates must be shown the potential penalty -- by launching violent special forces attacks on the ships to free the hostage crews and stem this pirate tide.

If not -- we will belisting still more taken ships below. Latest message from the pirates: We will mechanically count the money and we have machines that can detect fake money," the man said on an audio tape produced by the Dubai-based television network.

We have all allowed these thugs to progress too far. We will regret the lack of combined arms use some months ago.

It appears to us that the way of success is not to put an ever increasing number of mariners at risk. This is turning into a disaster. At this time, Vela is awaiting further contact from the pirates in control of the vessel.

The event marked the first time that a Saudi female had performed a Vela naming ceremony for the birth of a new vessel. So 21st Century woman's rights has this week collided with the oppressive operations of 17th Century thugs.

Latest word from the vessel owners is that -- "Negotiators are located on board the ship and on land.

Once they have agreed on the ransom, it will be taken in cash to the oil tanker," said a man identified as Farah Abd Jameh on Al-Jazeera television, who did not indicate the amount to be paid.

We are sending a strong message to pirates that their activities will not be tolerated and that the global community is united in its efforts to deter and disrupt them.

With all due respect, these tribal Somalia pirates need far more than a " strong message " to stop their multi-million dollar ransom raids.

This series of incidents have begun to take on a true fantasy situation which logic cannot serve. All the world's power surrounds the tribal pirates -- yet the lack of military action only encourages more piracy.

At the risk of great repetition by us -- GEEEZ -- start taking these ships back -- stop the ransoms -- save these crews -- and blunt the incentive for these thugs to take more ships.

What are we missing? Firms that have negotiated the return of their ships and crews from Somali pirates have discovered that one pirate may grab another pirate's ransom, leaving the captured ship still in hostile hands and an angry pirate still demanding his booty.

Thomas Brown , manager director of Seacurus , a British insurance brokerage company that who offers a piracy specific insurance policy.

Negotiating with Somali pirates has become a booming and very expensive business as they have turned the busy shipping lanes of the Somali coast into a shooting gallery for passing tankers, trawlers and container ships.

Most ransom drops are made in the same seas where the ship was taken, at agreed-upon coordinates. An obvious drawback to paying a ransom in waterways infested with pirates is being robbed of the ransom before it can be delivered.

The thugs are waiting to rob the thugs. Consequently, a new industry has sprung up in the neighboring country of Kenya where tugboat captains in the coastal city of Mombasa offer to make the drop for a fee.

Because of this system, hijackings have increased and ransom payments have grown more extravagant -- so have the delivery fees.

Vela International , the tanker's owners, has made no public comment on whether negotiations are under way. Fifth Fleet , said. He said the U. Nav y had no new information, but believed the vessel was still docked on the Somali coast at Haradheere.

Some 16, merchant ships a year traverse the ocean in the Gulf of Aden region. Since August, the enforcers of the laws of the sea there have been the U.

Navy 's Fifth Fleet , along with other NATO warships, in an international force patrolling to ward off attacks by the new corsairs.

Yet the Navy finds itself helpless to stop the attacks. Pirates now hold 17 freighters and crew members hostage - and no one can do a thing about it.

History teaches that the only way to destroy pirates is from the land, not the sea - by wiping out their bases -- but building a political consensus for this could take until the end of the century.

The Somali government can't impose law and order. It's up to America and the international community to do the job: Fifth Fleet will need reinforcements - not more ships, but a U.

Marine Expeditionary Brigade that can wipe out the pirate bases once and for all. Time for kinder, gentler measures may be running out.

The area has become chaos. The taking of merchant vessels will continue until some signal is given to the tribal Somali pirates that this conduct will not be tolerated.

Thus far -- no such message has been sent. Each day -- more and more mariners are taken hostage -- currently about -- with their vessels -- because the Western naval powers U.

Navy allow this conduct to continue. Faced by the vast stretches of the Gulf of Aden and Indian Ocean and the challenges of mobilizing a multinational force against a cunning and elusive foe, the U.

Navy has become a helpless giant. The truly hard naval work of "Piracy Prevention" -- only explains to the pirates -- that they should be more cautious.

The true power of our force is to finally allow U. Navy Seals -- or a similar agency -- to do that which they are so very well qualified to do.

Continuing to await an appreciation of the continuing damage from inaction -- is just painful. Our forces are there -- but there is no political will.

The burden on our military commanders is heavy: Tomorrow more helpless mariners will be taken. How many mariners must be taken hostage before individual vessels are scheduled for relief by the superior forces on scene?

The incident came as shipping groups reported a new surge in hijackings off Somalia and the International Maritime Bureau said pirates based in the lawless African nation were now "out of control".

An exchange of fire ensued, causing explosions and the Indian navy ship then used heavy guns. During the 5-hour battle, the pirate ship burst into flames.

The ship chased the first boat which was later found abandoned. The other boat made good its escape into darkness. It was the first time a mother ship had been destroyed, in the most significant blow to pirates to date.

Russia's Neustrashimy Intepid missile frigate is currently escorting an international convoy of nine vessels past the Horn of Africa to protect them from Somali pirate attacks, a Russian Navy spokesman said.

During a visit to Yemen last month, Sergei Mironov , speaker of Russia's Federation Council , the upper house of parliament, even said that Moscow was considering resuming a Soviet -era naval presence in the country.

The Pacific fleet of the Soviet navy maintained a naval base on Yemen's Socotra island , which lies off the Horn of Africa.

We are here to defend the tanker if attacked," pirate spokesman Abdiyare Moalim said. They are hoping to get what they demanded," he said from Harardhere , north of Mogadishu.

Piracy off the coast of Somalia is partly to blame for the increasing pump prices in Uganda , a top government official said.

The insurance premiums for the tankers have also gone up which has forced dealers to pass the cost pressures on to the consumers. The British Foreign Office released a statement which identified two of the crew as chief engineer Peter French and second officer James Grady.

They are all reported to be safe. Oslo-based Frontline Ltd, the world's biggest oil tanker company, said a more aggressive military approach was needed.

Get a page background briefing paper on Somali piracy. But Islamist spokesman Abdirahim Isse Adow , whose men are in the Haradheere area where the ship is being held offshore after its Nov.

That is the issue now," Adow told Reuters. He added that pirates had taken the ship further out to km 62 miles off the coast of central Somalia after Islamist militia poured into the town in recent days in search of the group behind the audacious strike that has shocked the world.

The Wild West is in East Africa with a vengeance. Sirichai Fisheries says one of the crew has been found alive after 6 days in the Gulf of Aden , but that another 14 are missing.

Sirichai Fisheries found out about the mishap after speaking to the Cambodian sailor, who is now recuperating in a hospital in Yemen , said Wicharn Sirichaiekawat , the company's managing director.

Tonight the INternational Maritime Bureau confirms the sunken ship was a Thai fishing trawler -- 1 dead -- 1 rescued -- 14 missing. We do not necessarily blame the Indian Navy.

We directly blame the Somali pirates who put these mariners at true risk. She is the 7th ship taken in the last 12 days in this area.

The owners should immediately take this opportunity to recover their property," said Ali , reached by phone on the MV Faina.

Still the situation remains dangerous and we pry fror this crew. Spanish free-lance photographer Jose Cendon and British journalist Colin Freeman , who were working on a report on piracy for Britain's Daily Telegraph , were the ones kidnapped in the port of Bosasso , the capital of the semi-autonomous Somali state of Puntland.

The ship is carrying tons of steel and construction equipment. He said the ship "will be stormed" if the pirates insist on their ransom demand.

The planets align, but does anyone currently intend a plan to exploit the situation? Michele Lynn Ballarin runs a small Virginia -based company, SelectArmor , that designs and makes body armor and provides executive protection to wealthy individuals.

She has a long history of involvement in Somalia , including allegations by a respected publication -- Africa Confidential -- that she was helping plan military operations there in Ballarin says her goal is even bigger than helping end the takeover of the two ships.

She wants to negotiate an end to piracy off the Somali coast altogether. Ballarin said the involvement of the Somali Islamist group, Al Shabab , had helped turn the tide in her favor by putting the fear of death into the young pirates.

She claimed the Islamist group had captured, tortured and killed a young male relative of one of the pirates in the last few days.

This came after Al Shabab announced it opposed the taking of ships owned by Muslims and promised to behead those who did. Al Shabab "made it dead clear that any ransom that is collected they will take it; they will take away their money and kill them," Ballarin said.

That has concentrated the minds of the pirates, according to Ballarin. All this would lead a reasonable person to wonder just why Ballarin is doing this and what she has to gain.

Is she CIA or a cutaway since she does have former intelligence and military officials on the board of one of her other companies, Black Star , and is known to have excellent contacts among the intelligence community?

Ballarin notes that she is trying to market a solution for failed states through Black Star. If she can demonstrate that it works in Somalia, which has not had a functioning unitary government in 19 years, she would have an excellent product to sell.

She claims that she has spent all her own money on this 5-year effort. Whether Michele Lynn Ballarin is an actual channel of resolution in this crisis -- or just an opportunist remains to be seen.

German navy officials said its frigate, Karlsruhe , had foiled attacks by heavily armed bandits on two ships. The Karlsruhe , which was 20km away, dispatched a Sea Lynx helicopter and the two motorboats "left at high speed," a navy statement said.

The managing director on his part said the German navy was near the incident but has not intercepted the hijackers, adding that it is confidential how the ship managed to foil the attack.

He likened the hijackers to terrorists and the risks they present to commercial vessels as similar to the U-boat menace in the Atlantic during the Second World War.

However, Lord Levene ruled out arming ships because he believes this would create new problems. When challenged about endorsing terrorist activity by paying a ransom, the Lloyd's chairman admitted that this was a difficult area but said if the alternative involved people getting killed, it is the only short term solution.

He added that ransom demands are likely to increase because hijackers are become more daring. Editor Note - Nov. Most pirate attacks in African seas take place off the East Africa coast, particularly off Somalia , but shippers are also wary of some parts of West Africa 's coast, especially Nigeria.

Despite the presence of large Western naval fleets -- no pirated ship has been challenged to give up it's hostages after making port?

All the hijackings result in million dollar ransoms. So now that the merchant ships will dvert around the West Coast of Afrtica -- why not duplicate the efforts of the Somali pirates and raise some cash?

Thanks to our allowing these hijacked ships to just sit around in safe ports until a ransom is paid -- this seems to be a very profitable business.

Three crew were fished out by a German navy helicopter after they jumped overboard to escape the pirates, said Jean-Marc Le Quilliec.

The three rescued crewmen were later brought on board French frigate Nivose F The French frigate was escorting a Panamanian -flagged Norwegian bulk carrier and had attracted in its wake at least 17 other ships seeking protection but the Liberian tanker had stayed its course.

Somali pirates have released the Greek MV Centauri , captured more than 2 months ago, a Kenyan maritime official has reported. MV Centauri had a crew of 26 Filipinos and was due to discharge 17, tons of bulk salt in Mombasa in Kenya when it was hijacked in mid-Sept.

Here is Our best estimate of the vessels being held by the tribal Somali pirates today The freighter was flying the Bahamas flag.

It was carrying a cargo of coal and has 17 Filipinos, one Chinese and a Ukrainian aboard. The ship was carrying 33 T tanks, grenade launchers and ammunition destined for Kenya's Mombasa port.

The Panama-flagged, Japanese-operated, and Korea-owned bulk carrier has 21 Filipino crew aboard. The chemical tanker with 23 Filipino crew aboard was hijacked by pirates in the Gulf of Aden.

It was carrying 23, tonnes of oil products. The Turkish ship with 14 crew was hijacked off Yemen. It was transporting more than 4, tonnes of chemicals to the port of Bombay.

The Chinese fishing boat was reported seized off Kenya. It had 18 Filipino and five South Korean crew. The Saudi supertanker, the biggest ship ever hijacked, held as much as 2 million barrels of oil.

The Hong Kong-flagged ship with 25 crew aboard is loaded with 36, tonnes of wheat bound for Iran. It was captured off the coast of Yemen.

The Adina is a Yemeni-operated bulk carrier and carried seven crew, including three Somalis, two Yemenis and two Panamanians.

The Biscaglia is a Liberian-flagged chemical tanker with 30 crew on board, 25 Indians, three Britons and two Bangladeshis.

Talks on how to deliver the ransom money are ongoing," Andrew Mwangura of the association said. This is great news, but we prefer to see sp,e tangible action before starting the celebration.

MV Faina , which is laden with Soviet-era tanks, tank artillery shells, grenade launchers and small arms, was seized on September The pirates have given the owners of the giant oil carrier up to Nov.

We don't want anything bad to happen," he said. Harardhere is the coastal village in northern Somalia off which the ship is being held.

In an interview, the chairman of Lloyd 's insurance said it was "highly likely" the owners of MT Sirius Star would pay up.

From The Cargo Letter - Dec. Kenyan military officials said that T tanks had already been transported through Kenya to south Sudan earlier this year.

Sugule Ali can't be taken as the grail, but he is generally reliable on the mechanical aspects of these affairs.

He was not afraid of international warships intervening because of the amount of arms aboard the ship. But Ali does not mention the isssue of ransom.

Ukraine 's Foreign Ministry representative Vasiliy Kirilich said that the Ukraine had no intention of paying a ransom and that it was involved in "diplomatic measures to speed up the release of the crew of the seized vessel.

This was the first report of a pirate attack on a passenger ship of its size this year. Based on that schedule, the liner was headed from Egypt to Oman when she was "attacked.

Contrary to the press this was not a particularly momentous event Crew of 7 safe. Aweys Ali Said , chairman of Somalia's Galkayo town , said negotiations to free both ships were going well.

Ukrainian and Somali men from abroad are involved in the bargaining," he told Reuters by telephone. TIME magazine was told this week by a man named Ahmed Gel-Qonaf , 29, who claimed to be among the pirates aboard MV Faina that one reason the negotiations have taken more than 10 weeks, Gel-Qonaf said, is the large number of people involved who expect to get a cut from any hijacking, ranging from pirate commanders to leaders of the embattled U.

We told you on Dec. We will celebrate when the event arrives. My, here' a shock! Mikhail Boytenko , editor of the Sovfracht Maritime Bulletin said that according to various sources, including one in Kenya , "A vessel is approaching MV Faina to pay the ransom.

Navy has moved away from MV Faina , to create a corridor for the ransom to be delivered, and to guarantee the pirates safe exit from the ship," he said.

No details on who was paying the ransom, or the sum involved, were given. We assume there is substance to this for reasons, including a back off of of U.

Whether true or pretext, the idea is for the U. Navy to leave a path for the ransom -- and a path of escape for the pirates. The pirate warning came as the European Union prepared to launch its first-ever naval operation to tackle piracy near the Horn of Africa and after heavily-armed pirates set a Dutch container ship ablaze in an unsuccessful attack off Tanzania.

The ship caught fire but the captain successfully took evasive action to prevent a hijack. The ship sustained damage but managed to continue its voyage.

More than a dozen foreign merchant vessels and their crew are currently being held by gunmen in the area where the north-east tip of the Somali coast juts into the Indian Ocean.

Action, A Long Last. They are, however, naturally affected by the event. There is some damage to the vessel.

Two small fires occurred, which were successfully extinguished, and there are shot holes in the funnel caused by rocket propelled grenades.

The damage was not critical and the vessel was able to continue on to Salalah, Oman. As of December 5, a staggering crew members aboard 14 vessels were still being held captive by pirates after a significant flurry of attacks that started in July this year.

Somali pirates released on Dec. The vessel, hijacked last Sept. The world press reported that the pirates said the crew of MV Faina attacked two of their captors Dec.

The pirates called intermediaries and the ship owner and asked them to speak to the Americans to ask for the release of their seized accomplices, but were told it is impossible," Mikhail Voitenko from Sovfracht Maritime Bulletin and Moscow Correspondent For The Cargo Letter said.

Clearly, this story is developing in a new direction. This is the same tripe we have heard about release of MV Faina since Sept.

This is an armed hijacking, not a labor dispute. Yet the world "negotiates" with thugs. Now it's two weeks! Geeez -- please just take these guys out!

Two more vessels were taken yesterday -- and failure to act now will cause two or five more to be taken tomorrow.

The geopolitical impact of several untrained pirate thugs has put world markets in a spin for no reason. It is time to end the circus. The inland situation is a bigger problem -- but the hostage off shore vessels can be rescued today -- and they should be without further delay.

The essel was seized on October 10 in the Gulf of Aden. Over incidences including attempted attacks, averted attacks and successful sea-jackings have been recorded to far for with until today 53 factual sea-jacking cases incl.

Several other vessels with unclear fate not in the actual count , who were reported missing over the last ten years in this area, are still kept on our watch-list, though in some cases it is presumed that they sunk due to bad weather or being unfit to sail.

In the last four years, 22 missing ships have been traced back with different names, flags and superstructures. An insurer is liable to compensate the owner of a ship as per the perils enumerated in the insurance contract.

These perils may include piracy and other violent actions by persons outside the vessel. In the case of piracy, the geographical zone covered must be clearly set out, such that if the ship is outside the territory's waters, then liability is not had.

The legal definition of piracy requires a nonpolitical act on the high seas. Absence of a competent authority has always been a test of piracy.

Somalia has lacked a competent authority for decades and it is highly likely that most violent acts directed against ships and their crew in the country's waters, constitute piracy -- beyond the miles limit of territorial waters.

String Up Somali Pirates. These ships patrol for us today. Our preference is to take these guys out now. But if there is to be a release -- this likely will be delayed as per this humiliating practice.

It is difficult to second guess information available to the civilians who control these operations. The crews of some merchant vessels were bolstered by so called "ship-riders" and in these cases by men of Russia 's special forces.

This special Russian reinforcement seems to come more than timely. Disturbing news had been reported from London by Lloyds , the biggest insurance fund and premier underwriter of maritime transportation.

According to its information from Lloyds of London , Al-Qa'idah terrorist has formed its own flotilla of 20 ships and stationed them in small harbors and island shelters in the area of the Horn of Africa and among the numerous islands down in the the Indonesian archipelago.

This is going to be a long fight. Best we show resolve by starting to recue crews. Below are some of the ships believed to be held: The ship was carrying 33 T tanks , grenade launchers and ammunition destined for Kenya 's Mombasa port.

The Panam a-flagged, Japanese -operated, and Korea-owned bulk carrier has 21 Filipino crew aboard. The chemical tanker had 23 Filipino crew aboard.

It was carrying 23, tons of oil products. It was transporting more than 4, tonnes of chemicals to the port of Mumbai.

The tanker was traveling from Dumai, Indonesia to the Ukraine. The Saudi supertanker, the biggest ship ever hijacked , it was carrying as much as 2 million barrels of oil.

The Hong Kong- flagged ship with 25 crew aboard was loaded with 36, tonnes of wheat bound for Iran. Pirates hijacked two Yemeni fishing vessels with a total of 22 crew members on board in coastal waters in the Gulf of Aden.

Five crew reportedly escaped. A yacht with two on board, an Indonesian tug used by French oil company meter ft cargo vessel belonging to an Istanbul -based shipping company were hijacked.

Neustrashimy crew will see in New Year off the Horn of Africa , and another Russian warship will continue the mission in Jan.

Now, an Iranian warship has entered the Gulf of Aden to protect Iranian vessels against pirates off the coast of Somalia. This week, the United Nations authorized aggressive military action against pirate bases in Somalia.

The UN resolution, coupled with plans to create a joint U. Bill Gortney , commander of the Navy's 5th Fleet. There have been hijackings off Somalia so far this year.

Prepare To Repel Boarders - Starboard! Peng Weiyuan told Chinese TV that the crew used 'water cannon, self-made incendiary bombs, beer bottles and other missiles to fight the pirates' during the five-hour stand-off.

The helicopters launched from a Malaysian warship after responding to the distress call sent to the International Maritime Bureau 's piracy reporting center in Kuala Lumpu r.

After blasting the pirates with gunfire, the pirates clambered back into their speedboats and made off back to their coastal hideout.

To the President of the United States of America. We are very grateful for what USA already done, by Faina blockade immediately after highjacking. If pirates would be able to dispose of cargo at their will, we're afraid even to imagine what would happen to crew.

After blockade was effectively established, talks more or less normalized and notwithstanding numerous interruptions by some other parties, inspired by a number of reasons far from the main one, saving of the crew, were close to success.

Pirates talked to the only party responsible for vessel and crew and capable to meet their demands. From all the information we managed to get, looks like she is promising clan leaders and pirates on board she could talk shipowner to much more ransom than already agreed.

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The revered NBC News anchor accused of unwanted advances pens a strenuous denial and defense of his legacy.

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Andrea Constand, a Toronto-born former Temple University administrator, says Cosby drugged and molested her at his nearby home in January In what is being hailed as a historic day for music creators, theMusic Modernization Act paves the way for improved royalty payments to songwriters, artists and creatives in the digital era.

Wendy Daniels, host of Boom House seat is buying ads on Sinclair Broadcast Group-owned television stations that blast Sinclair for forcing reporters to read conservative-leaning corporate statements on air.

If you tune into Kitchener radio station Please join the Western Association of Broadcasters Board of Directors for a brilliant evening filled with entertainment, celebration and pride.

After 14 years Cheryl is moving on, to assume a role in communications with reportedly the provincial government. Lori Lewis knows how to deal with change, which makes her ideal to lead the way when it comes to navigating the murky waters of Facebook.

From its changing algorithm to the overextension of selling your data to third party sources, Lori offers up her tips and expertise to great posting and audience engagement.

We also touched on some best practices for Facebook Live which still remains a challenge for talent. The show scored the biggest total viewer lift for any telecast on any network after three days of delayed viewing.

Suffering with leukemia, Bochco received a stem cell transplant from an anonymous year-old in late At the end of that summer day, the year-old said her heartfelt goodbyes to colleagues at a local news outlet where she spent 10 of her 14 years in journalism, a profession Nickel adored.

The highway was closed for several hours after two vehicles lost control and crashed into a cube van, which then rolled onto its side.

That area was Edson. A sister station in Ucluelet at If true we will see changes starting in the next month or so. When we lost a Toronto radio legend Wally Crouter ….

Nathan Carr who is currently the morning show host at Fresh Radio Cornwall is leaving to take a job at 89X in Windsor. Today Corus laid off several staffers across the country.

Some on air and some behind the scenes. My interest in radio began way back when in the days of turntables and cassette machines at age I was fortunate enough to get to work with him when I was a punk kid and loved everything I saw at the radio station.

It was in my blood since birth. City councillors at Kelowna City Hall have some favorite memories of the Kelowna-born ex-radio guy who served with them for nine years.

Roundhouse Radio aims to make Vancouver a better community. The exact date has yet to be confirmed. The team of Chuck Powell and Bucky Jacobsen has been assigned the 6 — 10 am morning show, designed to return KJR sports radio to its former glories.

Gregr is the morning show host at At dinner he had the deer in the headlights look. The answer is judgment. Judgement has no place in coaching. The 24 year old Ottawa woman says she decided to share her story with CBC after drawing courage from the dozens of mainly anonymous women who have spoken out on social media about alleged negative experiences with the B.

Business Opportunity to get in on the ground floor on a new radio station in Maple Creek, Saskatchewan. Jean-Marie Heimrath became interested in podcast sometime in November He has always been fascinated by the business side of the entertainment industry he has worked in.

Drex talks with Doug Williams the anti polygraph guy. Included in the interview is about the polygraph recently given to Patrick Brown.

Change in the workplace is something that all of us encounter on a regular basis. Our sales training partners in Edmonton, Calgary, Vancouver and Victoria are always looking for ways to best deal with it.

The cost will be announced later. Throughout the decades, Art has been a mainstay at conventions and in the hallways of radio stations with the latest video technology ready to capture incredible radio moments.

The New K features all of the great music you heard on the original K97! Unifor says camera operators, reporters, anchors, control room staff, make-up artists and other production crew received layoff notices in newsrooms across Canada, with Vancouver taking the biggest hit with 21 job cuts.

If you could please publicize the following we would appreciate it. He would call in for requests, to win and do bits.

Her love and passion for radio programming has made her one of my calls I make when I need an opinion.

All of our sales training clients in Edmonton, Calgary, Vancouver, and Toronto constantly wrestle with the difference between being a pushy or persistent Salesperson.

We are in business to win. Winning is the only desirable outcome. The secret to winning, and to the continuation of winning, is to build the best team.

It is essential to form a cohesive group of individuals all working to achieve the same goal. Word out of West Edmonton Mall this morning is long time broadcaster Rob Christie has called it quits.

A look at weekday coverage between 4 a. No Comments Read More. NY Sports Radio Host Craig Carton Convicted of Fraud He was convicted of misleading investors in his ticket resale business, with proceeds used to pay gambling debts and pay off earlier investors.

Our individualized sales training workshops in Edmonton, Calgary, Vancouver and Toronto are a great opportunity for us to interact with Salespeople and learn how to best provide them with what they need to be successful No Comments Read More.

What if television news disappeared and we invented ourselves? Their ratings reflect a continuing audience exodus 4 Comments Read More.

YouTube is Still the Audio Streaming Go-to in Canada While Media Technology Monitor says other services show more potential for growth, 93 per cent of music streaming service listeners are using YouTube, up slightly from 85 per cent last year.

Media Looks the other way. Talk about a double standard! After 47 Years, Tom Mark Calls it a Career Hudson Mack, a long time broadcaster and friend, says Mark has mentored many in broadcast journalism, including him.

JJ Salutes Clay St. Thomas Welcome to JJ Salutes. Thomas No Comments Read More. Our brains act like filters that protect us from too much information No Comments Read More.

Ontario judge declines to hear Faith Goldy v. Giving Thanks on Thanksgiving I really love Thanksgiving. Breaking Down the Digital NAFTA Deal While much of the focus is on the dairy industry, dispute resolution, and the auto sector, the agreement will have significant implications for intellectual property, digital policy, and broadcasting No Comments Read More.

Music Modernization Act Heads to President Trump for Signature The bill, which has just passed unanimously in the House of Representatives, will bring about the most sweeping changes to archaic copyright laws.

My take on the changes at Corus It seems there is a bit of a domino effect happening right now across Corus.

You Need Courage To Coach, by Paul Kaye My mind instantly started acting like one of those old fashioned rolodexes, quickly flicking through all the possibilities.

I had my answer… courage No Comments Read More. A Tale of Two Reporters, by Byron Christopher I recently spent time with two veteran broadcasters, both radio reporters.

And they had the same address … Sparrow Drive, Nisku — site of a rural cemetery. Jason Barrett from Barrett Sports Media. Next Domino to Fall: Country […] No Comments Read More.

Now continues to hold the reign as the leader 1 Comment Read More. When it […] No Comments Read More. In No Comments Read More.

They get you noticed and talked about No Comments Read More. Melissa Wright 32 Comments Read More. Carcasole started his broadcast career in as an […] No Comments Read More.

He is the man behind Podnews, a daily e-news letter and companion 2 minute podcast delivered daily No Comments Read More. Trump 8 Comments Read More.

We laughed out loud at this different and fresh approach 1 Comment Read More. Sportsnet announces changes to Calgary Flames broadcast team The addition of former Calgary Sun writer Eric Francis sparked controversy.

The second he walked into the radio station for the first time he knew it was what he wanted to do No Comments Read More.

Neil Simon, King of Comedy Playwrights, Dies at 91 Beginning in the s, Simon could guarantee good Broadway advance sales, a rare feat for a writer.

Staff at Small Manitoba Radio Station in Fear; begin Night Patrols The owner of the Swan River station says it has been the subject of several attempted break-ins and a threat to burn it down in recent weeks.

I was like, really, but stayed polite and we continued on No Comments Read More. Lynyrd Skynyrd Guitarist Ed King Dies at 68 The cause of death was not given, but King had been suffering from—and was recently hospitalized for—lung cancer.

Nielsen Finds Radio Tops the Time Americans Spend with Media When comparing which platforms reach the most Americans today, legacy platforms lead the way, with radio and TV topping the list, followed by smartphones.

It is his second try at politics. To My Unmet American, Radio Friends Many of us from the Great White North are shocked and disappointed at the depth to which our friends in US radio are allowing the degradation of those mostly shared beliefs and values, and the speed at which this disassembly process of our industry is occurring.

He has owned the Winnipeg radio market for decades 1 Comment Read More. Jonny had some an incredible start to his career with big ratings at an early age at big radio stations in big markets No Comments Read More.

You are extremely contagious, by Paul Kaye How you chose to approach the day has a significant impact not only on your own performance but also on the performance of others.

Each morning you have a choice to make — to be positive or negative — to see the glass half full or half empty No Comments Read More.

The unflappable Alex Docking: Assiniboia gets its first-ever local radio station Assiniboia is soon to have its very own radio station No Comments Read More.

Where is the Leadership in Radio? Media spin on Danforth shooting is troubling, by Candice Malcolm The world learned on Wednesday morning that the Islamic State took responsibility for the Danforth shooting that left two dead and 13 injured.

Most Canadian media outlets decided to ignore the news altogether 9 Comments Read More. Hedley Frontman Jacob Hoggard Charged with Sexual Assault Hoggard, a year old Vancouver resident, is facing a charge of sexual interference as well as two counts of sexual assault causing bodily harm.

Fired radio host Dave Wheeler returns.. Rival TSN will tell you that strong daily programming is the key and they have the more recognizable personalities in those slots, with the likes of Don Taylor and David Pratt 13 Comments Read More.

Whoopi Goldberg Started Cursing at Me! Get the F-ck Out of This Building! However, in this moment of stillness I find myself ruminating on the many thoughts and observations about the radio I heard as I drove No Comments Read More.

After doing some listening, it was apparent that Melz had a lot more going on than just a local radio show No Comments Read More. Chuck McCoy tells us Boyd Kozak is hanging up his mic!

Canadian Press belatedly reports Times-Colonist Press Shutdown 18 workers will be laid off at the end of September, but Unifor said it is negotiating with Glacier to improve severance packages and to secure jobs for its members in other areas at the newspaper.

Jax from Kiss She joins me to talk about her early influences in radio and growing up Dartmouth No Comments Read More. I asked others if they would trade me for a future gig they are assigned to…… 1 Comment Read More.

It was truly an inspirational week filled with great speakers, networking opportunities and innovators in the broadcasting industry No Comments Read More.

Like print newspapers, radio is timeless… and like print, still very relevant 1 Comment Read More. Bill Good Sparks Questions as Voice of New Anti-Electoral Reform Group His appearance in automated robocalls and radio ads on the controversial issue, at the same time he continues his daily radio column on News , has raised eyebrows among media ethics commenters.

Modern Family Co-Creator to Quit? Everyone has genius in them, by Paul Kaye Everyone has genius in them. Streaming Music Platforms Gain in Canada: Seattle Mariners Announcer Rick Rizzs is Living His Dream Rizzs has been the lead radio announcer for the Mariners since the death of his great friend and broadcasting partner, the legendary Dave Niehaus.

Making Your Feedback Heard, by Paul Kaye For many people the idea of receiving feedback causes fear and makes them anxious.

The anticipation of what may be said can be very uncomfortable No Comments Read More. Online Oldies Radio Station Brings Canadian Classics to the Okanagan Dusty Discs Radio prides itself on uncovering the misses, forgotten favourites, one-hit wonders and hard-to-find greats from Canadian and international artists.

Radio host Mike Bullard admits making annoying calls to City TV reporter ex-girlfriend Toronto radio host Mike Bullard admitted Friday that he made annoying phone calls to his ex-girlfriend, CityNews reporter Cynthia Mulligan Pictured , and twice breached his bail conditions after their relationship dissolved 2 Comments Read More.

June Country is popular with the women, taking 1 spot for F delivering a This episode was recorded on a morning when radio ratings for the diary markets were released so we talked methodology and ratings returns, Radioplayer Canada, Making mistakes, […] No Comments Read More.

Are you gonna make me laugh or what? Those talks are said to have heated up over the weekend…… 1 Comment Read More. JJ Salutes Larry Hennessey.

Election Rigging and Corruption? Rekindling Our Fading Romance with AM Radio Many of us radio veterans remember those nights, lying in bed, where your trusty bedside AM clock radio pulled in signals from all over the U.

One of our most popular sales training Workshops in Vancouver, Victoria, Edmonton and Calgary will give you insight into some useful techniques that help you become more efficient in planning your day No Comments Read More.

Edmonton Radio Reunion coming up! Mike and Helena out at Kiss Alex Hindmarch returns to Central Canada and a new gig! Gord Lansdell On the Mend Gord, the Northwest Broadcasters webmaster, who has been out of action for some three weeks fighting an intestinal disorder, is hoping to be released from hospital this weekend.

TV Revivals Prove to be Pale Imitations While the return of a series is meant to play off our appetite for nostalgia, revivals are often more about sizzle than substance.

Facebook to Ban all Conservative and pro-Trump content Since the election Facebook has been cracking down on conservative and pro-Trump content 21 Comments Read More.

Will Podcasting Eat Radio? Music Modernization Act Unanimously passes US House In what is being hailed as a historic day for music creators, theMusic Modernization Act paves the way for improved royalty payments to songwriters, artists and creatives in the digital era.

We are off the air 2 Comments Read More. Former Global Winnipeg Reporter Finds New Way to Live Life on Camera At the end of that summer day, the year-old said her heartfelt goodbyes to colleagues at a local news outlet where she spent 10 of her 14 years in journalism, a profession Nickel adored 1 Comment Read More.

That area was Edson 4 Comments Read More. If true we will see changes starting in the next month or so 1 Comment Read More.

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