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Wales schlachtruf


wales schlachtruf

8. Juli Huh! Wer plötzlich alles behauptet, den Schlachtruf der isländischen Fans erfunden zu haben. 6. Juli Island, Wales, Nordirland, Albanien – noch nie gab es so viele Kurve standen und traurig und stolz zugleich ihren Schlachtruf „Huh!“ riefen. 2. Juli Wales steht sensationell im Halbfinale und schenkt der EM einen neuen Ohrwurm. „Don't Take Me Home“ stammt wie „Will Grigg's on Fire“ aus.

I don't think it's all totally accurate, with respect to geography. So you are descended from thieves, with rapidly decreasing political and military might and a fractured house that's main line will, in all likelihood, go extinct?

The Lannisters have never really been that big of a problem to the Starks until the war of the 5 kings while the Boltons have been at war with the Starks on a number of occasions throughout their history thus making the Boltons stronger candidates as Lancaster than the Lannisters.

You also should take in the geography of Westeros its self the Boltons live in the North while the Lannisters live in the Westerlands which is separated by the Riverlands and the Neck.

It just wouldn't make sense for the Lannisters to be the House of Lancaster. If we're basing this just off the Battle of the 5 kings then yes in a way but really we should consider the histories of each house.

It would make sense unless you realize that the Lannisters and the Starks mirror the war of roses. Here is an article.

The football yous played you deserved to go through. Very unlucky to be in the position you're in. Aye, we'll be taking over the islands while you're all in France.

Independence to the max. Almost as if France actually would show up and do their part this time Do you guys ever sing that supposed last verse of god save the queen when you play scotland?

To be fair, Scotland had the toughest group out of all home nation teams, having had to compete against world champions Germany as well as Poland with Robert fuckin' Lewandowski in their team.

Even if they did manage to finish third however they would likely draw a team like Sweden, Russia, Turkey or BiH and get knocked out in the play-offs.

Not to mention that they also had a feisty Ireland in the group, which among other things beat Gibraltar at home while Scotland scored 6 goals against them at home and conceded one.

They also managed to not lose to Georgia. Its always the Eastern European mountain men we can't deal with. Never the actual footballers, the fucking tribesmen is what fucked us.

What is it, 53 years since Wales qualified for a major football tournament?! Supported them since I was old enough to understand what football was.

Remember getting told there was a good chance we'd never qualify in my lifetime. Endless disappoint, heartbreak, long journeys back on train losing to subpar countries I could barely pick out on a map.

Crying at 8 years old at the Romania game failing to qualify for USA Broken at the Millennium losing to Russia.

Getting spat on by the ultras in Milan. It was fucking disgusting. We were on a lower tier with the Italians above us. It was like rain, constant spit, girl next to me got hit by a battery and it cut her head open.

The Welsh away are generally great too, we don't go to cause bother. Italy is a beautiful country but it's got some fucked up elements.

That's disgusting, they let themselves down with the corruption and behaviour. The Napoli ultras were awful as well in the Europa, proper nasty cunts.

Yeah I don't know if the FAW complained but it was a horrible experience. It felt like some sort of revenge for beating them in Cardiff.

Fairly sure some of the Napoli fans were involved. Fuck 'um, we'll never stoop to their level. We took 15, or so in the lower tier and other areas not so subtle attendance brag , got spat on, flares chucked on us, all sorts of disgraceful behaviour throughout the game.

Was 14 and legit scared. Remember being around the Millennium after the and getting on rather well with those that traveled from Italy.

Yeah that's the game. I'm probably just off camera to the right. You can see everyone pointing up. There's only so much piss and shit you can get thrown at you before you kick off.

I swear some of them puked up on us. Yep my stepfather was at the game and says pretty much exactly the same as you.

Really disgusting from the Italian fans tbh. Italian stadiums gather the worst scum you can find in each city. It's one of the reasons serie a seats are always half empty.

Yep, Italy isn't the nicest for stuff like that. Stepfather went to a Welsh game years ago in the San Siro and said that Welsh fans were getting pissed on and spat at by Italians.

This was the game. You can see in the video that Italy fans were throwing objects from above at the Welsh fans.

When the Welsh fans start to complain, the Italian police start getting the batons out. I like the 24 team Euros.

A semi decent team can do a wild streak of games and hope to qualify, something that gives hope to the fans like you that always thought they'd never play a tournament in their lives.

Enjoy every moment of this, it's awesome. And that's coming from a Greek fan that believed the exact same thing you did before Think Gary Speed needs a mention here, he started this new Wales team and Coleman has done an outstanding job keeping it on the up.

This is for you Gary. Coleman acknowledged him in his interview with Sky. It's a poignant moment in a great occasion.

Seriously though he was pretty much the start of this generation of football. There have been a shit load of talented players play for Wales but he made it possible.

And Bale too I suppose. I'm not sure, but the tournament has grown from 16 teams to 24, so it's more likely to happen now.

I don't think I've ever met anyone except Welsh teachers who actually use correct grammar. This is incredible, never would I have thought Chris Coleman would lead us to an international tournament.

People will make jokes like "Bales" but that would overlook the fantastic job Coleman has done and sadly fails to recognise our defence lead by Williams has been equally as important as Bale's goals.

His first two years were disastrous, I wanted him gone after the World Cup qualifiers because he seemed out of his depth. However, slowly he has found a system and found a core starting 11 and stuck to it no matter who we're playing.

Only losing one game so far and conceding 4 goals throughout the qualifiers is something we have no business doing. Moreover, the Commission has not received any information from the European tourism industry that would indicate a decrease of Chinese tourists.

The Commission understands that the purpose of the new law is to ensure fair competition and to prevent unfair selling practices by Chinese tour operators.

The UK energy regulator, Ofgem, is in the process of enacting reforms in price transparency. It could even undermine the competitive process and facilitate collusion.

While this investigation does not concern issues of transparency, it relates, among other things, to Gazprom's pricing policy.

The Commission can propose legislative proposals on the issues suggested in the question in so far as they aim at ensuring the security of energy supply provided that the proposals comply with the principles of subsidiarity and proportionality.

The USA holds strategic reserves of oil for reasons of national security. Is there any move by Member States to store reserve stocks of rare earth metals, which are increasingly used in advanced manufacturing processes?

If so, do the Member States possess storage facilities that are adequate to the task? The Raw Materials Initiative is based on three pillars: In its conclusions, the Council, inter alia , took note of the Commission's intention to analyse the feasibility and impact of cost-effective stockpiling of critical raw materials and improved monitoring of developments of supply and demand as a matter of priority, in consultation with industry.

For further information, the Honourable Member is invited to put a question to the Commission, which has undertaken in its report to continue to monitor this issue.

Riforma della gestione della pesca in acque profonde dell'UE. Il CIEM Consiglio internazionale per l'esplorazione del mare e altri organismi scientifici hanno concluso inequivocabilmente che la pesca con reti a strascico rappresenta la maggiore minaccia diretta per gli ecosistemi vulnerabili di acque profonde.

La Commissione ha pubblicato una proposta nel luglio per un nuovo regolamento che stabilisca condizioni specifiche per la pesca degli stock ittici profondi nelle acque unionistiche e internazionali dell'Atlantico nordorientale, al fine di sostituire il vigente regime di accesso alle risorse marine profonde.

La proposta di regolamento del Parlamento europeo e del Consiglio che istituisce condizioni specifiche per la pesca degli stock di acque profonde nell'Atlantico nord-orientale e disposizioni relative alla pesca nelle acque internazionali dell'Atlantico nord-orientale e che abroga il regolamento CE n.

The International Council for the Exploration of the Sea ICES and other scientific bodies have produced incontrovertible evidence showing that the greatest immediate threat to vulnerable deep-sea ecosystems comes from dragnet fishing.

The Council is not in a position to anticipate the outcome or the duration of its ongoing internal discussions. Daarnaast stelt de Commissie dat de lidstaten de volledige verantwoordelijkheid hebben voor het organiseren van hun eigen pensioenstelsel.

Nederland kent een pensioenstelsel dat is gebaseerd op zowel het socialezekerheidstelsel en bedrijfs tak pensioenen als individuele pensioenregelingen.

De individuele pensioenregelingen worden uitgevoerd door verzekeraars en banken. Werknemers zijn verplicht aangesloten bij het bedrijfs tak pensioenfonds van hun werkgever.

Zouden daarom bedrijfs tak pensioenfondsen kunnen worden gezien als een verlengde van het Nederlandse socialezekerheidsstelsel? Een Nederlands bedrijfspensioenfonds mag in het kader van een officieel besluit een dienst van algemeen economisch belang uitvoeren.

Dat betekent onder andere dat overcompensatie voor het uitvoeren van de dienst in kwestie moet worden vermeden. De lidstaten blijven volledig verantwoordelijk voor het organiseren van pensioenpijlers die, bijvoorbeeld, een verplichte staatspijler op basis van het omslagstelsel, een verplichte pijler op basis van het kapitalisatiestelsel, een bedrijfspensioenpijler of een vrijwillige pensioenpijler omvatten.

De Nederlandse bedrijfspensioenfondsen maken deel uit van de bedrijfspensioenpijler en bieden aanvullende voordelen die verder gaan dan de garanties van de eerste pijler.

The Commission also states that Member States retain full responsibility for the organisation of their national pension systems. Thirdly, the Commission states that, if pensions are provided by financial institutions, EU secondary legislation applies.

Occupational or sectoral schemes are managed jointly by representatives of both employers and employees the social partners. Individual pension schemes are run by insurers and banks.

A Dutch occupational pension fund may carry out under an official act a service of general economic interest SGEI.

That means inter alia that there must not be any overcompensation for the provision of the given service.

Dutch occupational pension funds are part of the occupational pension pillar and offer complementary benefits going beyond the guarantees of the first pillar.

The directive is limited to establish certain prudential and information requirements for occupational pension funds, for those cases where such funds exist as part of a Member States' pension system.

No funding from the Union contribution shall be allocated after that date. If not, can it say what amount remains unallocated and why?

This can be explained by the fact that most of the project financed up to now did not need TA. What options does the Commission have for enforcing the Council Framework Decision and ensuring that all Member States apply the principle of mutual recognition of sentences?

How does the Commission propose to ensure the implementation of the Council Framework Decision? Does the Commission have figures on how many persons subject to deprivation of liberty were exchanged between the Member States in ?

Will the Commission consider submitting new legislative proposals with a legal basis in the Lisbon Treaty to secure the application of the principle of mutual recognition of judgments in criminal matters, thus enabling Member States to send criminals to serve their sentences in their home countries, provided the conditions of the current Framework Decision are met?

However, over the last number of years, the Commission has been closely monitoring the implementation of the framework Decision by Member States. Moreover, the Commission has funded many projects that aim to support Member States in the implementation of the framework Decision and to raise awareness of this instrument among legal practitioners.

The Commission does not have figures on how many persons subject to deprivation of liberty were exchanged between the Member States in The plight of the Christian community in Pakistan is currently deplorable, with Christians being subjected to frequent violations of their human rights.

Asia Bibi, another Christian woman, was brutally beaten by her co-workers and then arrested by the police for declaring that Jesus Christ is not dead but the Prophet Mohammed is.

Currently, she faces charges of blasphemy, and is serving a four-year prison term while further facing a death sentence. Is the Commission aware of the human rights abuses against Christians in Pakistan?

Has the Commission factored in the cost of installing the necessary software against the benefits of this system? Electronic invoicing generates a wide range of benefits for enterprises: On the other hand, greater competition in public procurement results in lower prices for public authorities.

All of these benefits contribute to strengthening the competitiveness of the European economy. It is difficult to provide a precise figure of the implementation of e-invoicing in any specific case due to the large number of different methods of doing so processing e-invoices directly, through a central platform, or via an external service provider.

However, on the basis of the experience of some countries and public authorities which already use e-invoicing, it can be stated with some certainty that the potential benefits of e-invoicing are several magnitudes higher than the expected implementation costs, which in most cases can be amortised within one or two years.

To what extent will the new rules on e-invoicing simplify the processing thereof for both governments and businesses?

Does the Commission have information regarding the savings which this system will yield for businesses? Electronic invoicing — in the form of structured electronic data and not just an electronic image of a paper invoice — greatly reduces the complexity of invoicing for both senders and recipients by virtually eliminating the need for manual intervention: However, the multiplicity of e-invoicing standards and formats and the lack of interoperability among them have limited its use in Europe.

This will lead to greater uptake of e-invoicing and ensure that its benefits materialise. It is difficult to provide a precise savings figure due to the many different methods of implementing e-invoicing: In the first case, the parties can act on their own or via a central platform.

Can the Commission explain to what extent the new market surveillance rules will protect consumers? The objective of the proposal for a regulation on Consumer Product Safety [COM 78] is to enhance consumer protection because it places general obligations on economic operators to ensure the safety of all consumer products, with clearer responsibilities for manufacturers, importers and distributors, i.

It also aims at improving the traceability of consumer products, enabling a swift and effective response to safety problems e.

These tools consist, inter alia , of a single set of coherent rules for market surveillance across all sectors and more efficient exchange of information and cooperation among national authorities.

We are always discussing youth unemployment, which is seen as a top priority. However, in reality the statistics are not that encouraging.

The fight against youth unemployment is indeed a top priority for the Commission. This involves, inter alia , technical assistance to Member States; monitoring and analysing the impact of policies in place — in the context of the European Semester; supporting the exchange of good practices between Member States; and helping Member States to make the best possible use of European Structural and Investment Funds, in particular the European Social Fund and the Youth Employment Initiative.

L-elezzjonijiet tal u t-tkabbir ekonomiku. What plans are there to make this proposal reality? The European Commission hopes for an active electoral campaign in which the European political groups will engage with voters to explain their vision for the future EU in particular with respect to promoting more sustainable growth, jobs and economic stability.

The European Parliament has an important role as co-legislator at EU level and in ensuring democratic legitimacy, accountability and scrutiny of decisions taken at the EU-level.

The Commission will continue to work closely with the newly elected Parliament in strengthening the economic recovery, promoting growth and ensuring sustainable financial systems.

The Commission fully supports the active role of the European Parliament in the economic dialogue, as well as its reports on, for instance, the European Semester.

It in these areas strongly encourages the new European Parliament to continue taking its active role forward. Quand le texte de cette consultation sera disponible dans les langues officielles del'Union?

The EU has had an exclusive competence in the sphere of investment policy since the entry into force of the Lisbon Treaty.

How will the Commission ensure that the opening of this consultation is sufficiently publicised, in order to obtain replies from as many interested parties as possible?

Will it be possible for the results of this consultation also to be taken into account in the context of other negotiations currently under way particularly with Canada if they prove not to be in line with the chapter as negotiated?

Has the Court of Justice of the European Union yet had the opportunity to rule on the desirability of this mechanism, and on the right of the Union and its Member States to legislate in the public interest?

The Commission has publicised the launch of the public consultation in several ways. It held a press conference and a technical briefing for journalists on the day of the launch of the consultation and will hold a stakeholder event on the 13 of May in Brussels.

The Commission is further reaching out to a large number of European citizens via its fully informative webpage and tweet activities.

The Commission is also encouraging Member States and the European Parliament to play a role in the process. Other EU investment negotiations all carry their own specificities.

The Commission will however give due consideration to all the general comments and views expressed by EU citizens and does not exclude refining its approach in other negotiations accordingly.

Aumento delle esecuzioni di condanne a morte nel Una nota ONG internazionale attiva nel settore dei diritti umani ha registrato come tra il e il vi sia stata un nuovo aumento delle esecuzioni capitali nel mondo.

L'Unione utilizza costantemente tutti gli strumenti disponibili per promuovere la propria politica abolizionista, secondo le sue linee guida in materia che sono state recentemente aggiornate e rivedute.

In questo contesto, l'Unione si adopera attivamente per reagire all'aumento delle esecuzioni in tutto il mondo per mezzo di a dichiarazioni, b iniziative a livello diplomatico nei confronti dei paesi interessati, c sanzioni, come nel caso dell'Iran, d dialoghi sui diritti umani, durante i quali la questione della pena di morte viene costantemente sollevata, e finanziamento di progetti in favore dell'abolizione della pena di morte attraverso lo strumento europeo per la democrazia e i diritti umani EIDHR e f un'azione nei consessi multilaterali, in particolare le Nazioni Unite.

A famous international NGO, which works in the human rights sector, has noted that there was a further increase in the number of executions around the world between and The data collected show that executions were carried out during , almost more than in , in twenty-two different countries one more than the previous year.

However, the organisation explained that its data are, in fact, incomplete, since it believes that China has executed thousands of people: Furthermore, the report lacks data from countries which are currently undergoing dramatic upheaval, caused by instability or civil wars, such as Syria and Egypt; such data could raise the number of executions to a much higher total.

There are some positive trends in Europe, where no executions took place in , with Belarus, the only country in the region where the death penalty has not been abolished, not carrying out a single execution for the first time since The fight against the death penalty is at the heart of the EU's Human Rights policy.

The EU constantly uses all tools available in order to promote its abolitionist policy, according to the relevant EU guidelines, which were recently updated and revised.

Controffensiva russa in seguito alle sanzioni e risposta europea. In seguito al crollo della borsa di Mosca e del rublo e in seguito alle sanzioni economiche di UE e USA contro la Russia, pare che Mosca stia implementando una controstrategia di acquisizione di imprese chiave in Europa.

Aumentare la produzione interna di energia nel territorio dell'UE, come la produzione di gas naturale dalle formazioni di scisto, potrebbe contribuire a diversificare l'approvvigionamento energetico dell'UE.

Per continuare a favorire la diversificazione delle fonti di approvvigionamento dell'UE non cessa di essere fondamentale intensificare l'uso delle tecnologie a basse emissioni di carbonio, in particolare le energie rinnovabili.

A few days ago, a Russian state-owned giant purchased a major stake in two Italian companies in order to influence their purchases, making oil extracted by the Russian giant itself their raw material of choice.

A similar case has occurred in Germany, where, a few days ago, another Russian oligarch revealed details of the oil-related activities of a famous German electric company.

The risk which seems to be emerging is that the European and American economic offensive could fail, without forcing Russia to reconsider its strategy.

Member States are required to use energy more efficiently at all stages of the energy chain, and increasing energy efficiency is a way to ensure continued reduction of energy demand in Member States, which would lead to decreasing dependency on external suppliers.

Increased uptake of low carbon technologies, in particular renewable energies, remains essential to further foster EU diversification of supplies and reach its decarbonisation objectives.

Norme in materia di sicurezza sportiva. I tre medici sociali intervenuti in soccorso del giovane sono stati ieri rinviati a giudizio con l'accusa di omicidio colposo, per non aver utilizzato il defibrillatore semiautomatico disponibile allo stadio.

Non esistono norme a livello di UE in tema di pronto soccorso durante le manifestazioni sportive, compreso l'uso di defibrillatori. The three club doctors who gave the young man first aid appeared in court yesterday, accused of manslaughter because they failed to use the semiautomatic defibrillator that was available at the stadium.

Can the Commission clarify whether there are any European regulations governing first aid at sporting events, or concerning the statutory presence and use, when necessary, of defibrillators at sporting events?

There is no EU legislation governing first aid at sporting events, including the use of defibrillators. Ricadute dei social network in termini di trasparenza e offerta di lavoro.

La ricerca ha inoltre fatto emergere un altro dato: Se dispone di dati relativi alla presenza e all'uso dei social network da parte di altri poli universitari europei?

Se dispone di dati, a livello europeo, riguardo l'emersione della figura professionale esplicitamente ed esclusivamente dedicata alla comunicazione tramite social network?

Improving the entrepreneurs' skills through the serious games supported on social networks. The assessment was based on a mapping of good practices and the main gaps in the field.

The research also revealed another fact: Does it have any figures on the social network presence and usage of other European universities? Does it have any figures, at European level, concerning the emergence of professionals explicitly and exclusively dedicated to communications via social networks?

Does it think social networks can make a positive contribution in terms of improving the transparency of university institutions and, by extension, other public and private institutions?

The Commission does not collect data on the social network presence and usage of European universities, nor on the emergence of professionals dedicated to communications via social networks.

In addition to its potential for communicating with the public, social media can also be used constructively inside institutions to support learning.

A High Level Group on the Modernisation of Higher Education is currently looking into how to maximise the impact of new methods of delivering quality higher education, including social media, and is due to report in June this year.

Rischi per i consumatori e le PMI legati all'avanzamento delle nuove tecnologie digitali. La Commissione ritiene che tali timori possano essere fondati?

This type of technology already exists to a degree: It would also put small businesses at a competitive disadvantage because they will not have immediate access to this type of tool, mainly for financial reasons.

Does the Commission think there are grounds for these fears? Would current European legislation on unfair commercial practices and misleading advertising provide a sufficient response to these fears, in the light of technological progress?

Based on the information available, the Commission is not in a position to asses to what extent, if at all, this type of business use of new technologies could have a negative impact on small-and-medium-sized enterprises SMEs.

Sei ufficiali ucraini prigionieri delle forze armate russe. Il viceministro della Difesa ucraino ha denunciato il fatto che le forze armate russe abbiano preso prigionieri sei alti ufficiali ucraini, tra cui un generale.

Ha motivo di ritenere che i timori espressi dal viceministro ucraino siano fondati? The deputy minister has also said that the government and army have lost track of the six officers but are sure they are in the hands of the Russians, not least because they include the colonel who was head of the last Ukrainian military base to be evacuated in Crimea.

Can the Commission clarify whether it has any further information on this situation? Does it have reason to believe there are grounds for the fears voiced by the Ukrainian deputy minister?

The EU deplores and condemns such incidents. It will continue to follow the investigations. Soglie di presenza di vera frutta nelle bevande analcoliche.

L'organizzazione italiana di rappresentanza dei coltivatori diretti ha aspramente criticato il risultato, accusando le lobby di grandi multinazionali di andare contro le PMI italiane di settore e contro una maggiore tutela della salute derivante dall'aumento della percentuale.

L'emendamento in questione avrebbe violato tale legislazione dell'Unione? Ritiene che la modifica di queste soglie possa avere effetti distorsivi della concorrenza nel mercato interno dell'UE?

La Commissione sta attualmente esaminando le disposizioni nazionali italiane in merito al livello minimo di succo di frutta genuino contenuto nelle bibite per vedere se sono in linea con le disposizioni unionali sulla libera circolazione delle merci, in particolare con gli articoli da 34 a 36 del TFUE.

Le disposizioni dell'UE sulla libera circolazione delle merci non ostano a che gli Stati membri trattino i loro prodotti domestici meno favorevolmente di quelli importati.

L'applicazione delle regole unionali in materia di concorrenza prescrive che si identifichino le distorsioni della concorrenza risultanti dalle azioni di:.

Dalle informazioni esposte nell'interrogazione non risulta che si diano tali elementi. Soft drinks producers, meanwhile, had feared that, if the amendment were to be adopted, it could have led to serious distortions of competition because it would have applied only to Italian producers and not to other European or non-European producers.

Does any European legislation currently exist which regulates the minimum genuine fruit content of soft drinks?

Would the amendment in question have infringed such Union legislation? There is no EU specific legislation regulating the minimum fruit juice content of soft drinks.

The EU provisions on the free movement of goods do not prevent Member States from treating their domestic products less favourably than imports.

The application of EU competition rules requires the identification of a distortion of competition resulting from actions of:. Presence of such elements does not follow from the information available in the question.

Irrespective of the amount, does the Commission, in principle, consider this charge to be legitimate, bearing in mind that a boarding pass is not an optional, but rather a mandatory, document required to gain access to an aircraft seat for which payment has already been made.

If the Commission considers this charge to be unfair or illegal, what does it intend to do about it? Under EU consumer legislation the charging of passengers for printing boarding passes at the check-in counter is not, per se , illegal.

However, the final price to be paid by the consumer i. Furthermore, the conditions attached need to be communicated in a clear and transparent manner to the passenger.

A significant imbalance may consist, for instance, in requiring a consumer who fails to fulfill his contractual obligations to pay a disproportionately high sum in compensation.

It is for national authorities and courts to assess whether a given practice infringes upon consumer law. So far, the Spanish Court of appeal has considered that such terms were not unfair as the cost was foreseeable, did not produce substantial detriment to the consumer, could be avoided and was not excessive.

With a view to promoting the necessary transparency in relation to this issue, could the Commission please answer the following questions:.

What role has the European Food Safety Authority played in the assessment of equivalence? If the Commission does not have a clear answer to the questions regarding the stunning standards for poultry applied in third countries, does it agree that it is better to actively question the third countries concerned rather than wait for the results of inspections by the Food and Veterinary Office?

What steps will the Commission take if it does not receive a satisfactory answer within a reasonable time? The EU requires third countries to provide equivalent provisions to EU standards on the protection of animals in slaughterhouses for the importation of meat.

It does not oblige third countries to adopt the same or identical requirements, rather ones that are equivalent in achieving the same objectives.

These standards are referred to in the regulation as a tool for establishing equivalency with EU requirements for the purpose of imports.

The FVO verifies that the guarantees given by the country are reliable, by auditing the competent authority during regular missions. Ampliamento della rete ferroviaria turca.

L'UE ha inoltre finanziato due studi nell'ambito dell'assistenza tecnica e ha assistito la Turchia per l'adozione della legge sulla liberalizzazione del trasporto ferroviario e la creazione di un organismo di regolamentazione del settore ferroviario.

One of the scheduled works is the construction of a high-speed rail line to link the Black Sea region with south-east Turkey, as part of a much larger plan to extend these links to Syria and Iraq.

Can it indicate whether Turkey has benefited from European financing for the aforementioned works and, if so, the amounts allocated?

The Commission is aware of this announcement. However, so far there are no basic technical studies or budget to support this stated intention.

Irmak — Karabük — Zonguldak Railway Line: Samsun — Kalin Railway Line under appraisal: The EU also financed two technical assistance studies and assisted Turkey in the adoption of rail liberalisation law and establishment of a rail regulatory body.

La direttiva servizi fa obbligo agli Stati membri articolo 39 di rivedere e valutare la loro legislazione nazionale vigente nel settore dei servizi coperti dalla direttiva e di riferire alla Commissione i risultati di tale esercizio di valutazione.

How does the Commission assess the impact of applying the Services Directive to the Croatian internal market? In , the Commission invited Croatia to carry out such a screening and reporting exercise.

The Commission is now in the process of translating and assessing the reported legislation. Tali restrizioni devono essere trasparenti, non discriminatorie e proporzionate.

La proposta contiene inoltre regole sul modo in cui applicare una gestione ragionevole del traffico, le quali includerebbero misure necessarie e proporzionate per prevenire o impedire gravi reati.

The European Commission condemns all forms of offensive and harmful behaviour online. It would like to refer to its response given to Written Question In addition, any limitation on the exercise of the freedom of expression may only be made if it is necessary and genuinely meets the objectives of general interest recognised by the European Union or the need to protect the rights and freedoms of others.

It has to be transparent, non-discriminatory and proportionate. It also contains rules on what reasonable traffic management can be applied, which would include measures that are necessary and proportionate to prevent or impede serious crimes.

These draft provisions would also be without prejudice to Union or national legislation related to the lawfulness of the information, content, application or services transmitted.

Secondo alcune fonti, l'ex Vicepresidente sunnita iracheno Tareq al-Hashemi, condannato a morte dal tribunale di Bagdad per crimini commessi mentre era in carica, sarebbe stato accolto in Turchia.

La questione sollevata dall'onorevole deputato deve essere gestita a livello bilaterale dalla Turchia e dall'Iraq. La Commissione, comunque, segue con attenzione le relazioni fra i due paesi.

Le relazioni della Turchia con il governo regionale curdo di Erbil sono in costante miglioramento da qualche anno a questa parte. According to some sources, the former Sunni Vice-President of Iraq, Tareq al-Hashemi, sentenced to death by a court in Baghdad for crimes committed while he was in office, has been granted residence by Turkey.

The issue to which the Honourable Member is referring to is a bilateral issue between Turkey and Iraq. In general, the Commission is following closely relations between the two countries.

In this context, the recent rapprochement and high level visits between Ankara and Baghdad are a welcome development that could help strengthen regional stability.

Contributori e beneficiari netti del bilancio europeo: The Commission will indeed prepare these data for the year Nel bilancio votato per il , il Parlamento europeo e il Consiglio hanno approvato senza modifiche i contributi dell'UE a ciascuna delle sei agenzie esecutive che la Commissione ha proposto nella lettera rettificativa n.

Can the Commission indicate the total amounts allocated to European agencies in the latest approved EU budget? Costo del Servizio europeo per l'azione esterna.

Can it indicate the percentage increase in funding allocated to the EEAS since it was established? This represents a Fondi strutturali — risorse destinate all'Italia.

Si riporta in allegato una tabella con il dettaglio degli stanziamenti per i due periodi. Can the Commission indicate how much will be allocated to Italy over the next seven years in the way of Structural Funds, and whether there will be any reductions compared with the previous seven-year period?

A table with detailed allocations for the two periods is provided in the annex. Fondo europeo per sostenere le operazioni di bonifica di eventuali ordigni rinvenuti risalenti alle due guerre mondiali.

A quale livello si collocano i finanziamenti destinati alle delegazioni nell'ultimo bilancio approvato? A quale livello si collocano le stime sul costo previsionale dello stanziamento necessario per il prossimo bilancio in base agli aumenti dettati negli anni passati?

La Commissione contribuisce inoltre a coprire queste spese in ragione di ,7 milioni di EUR ,4 milioni di EUR provenienti dalla rubrica 5 e ,3 milioni di EUR provenienti da altre rubriche.

L'importo totale disponibile quest'anno per coprire le spese amministrative delle delegazioni dell'UE ammonta quindi a ,4 milioni di EUR.

How much funding has been allocated to the delegations in the latest approved budget? How much funding is expected to be allocated in the next budget, based on the increases imposed over previous years?

Figures to be included are still being worked on. Disciplina comunitaria dei fondi pensione. Il Commissario Barnier ha reso noto che in Europa si contano fondi pensione che raccolgono un asset di circa 2,5 triliardi di euro.

La proposta apporta i seguenti principali miglioramenti:. The proposal introduces the following main improvements:.

It modernizes investment rules in order to reinforce the capacity of IORPs to invest in financial assets with a long-term economic profile and thereby support the financing of growth in the real economy.

Altogether, these rules will improve the functioning and enhance the stability of IORPs, to the benefit of pension scheme members and the economy at large.

Could the Commission explain why some of Europe's micro-states, such as Andorra, Vatican City State, San Marino and the Principality of Monaco, have the euro as their currency but do not follow the same rules and regulations as are imposed on other countries belonging to the euro area?

They nevertheless apply relevant EU legislation on statistical reporting, fight against money laundering, fraud and counterfeiting of the euro, and, where applicable, EU banking and financial legislation, as stated in the agreements.

Fondi erogati all'ex Repubblica jugoslava di Macedonia in quanto paese in fase di preadesione. Could the Commission say how much money the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia has received in pre-accession funding since being granted the status of candidate country?

Il Centro per il controllo e la prevenzione delle malattie greco KEELPNO ha reso noto che sono almeno le persone morte dopo aver contratto l'influenza stagionale.

Secondo l'Istituto la virulenza dell'influenza H1N1 e la mancanza di vaccini adeguati nel paese sarebbero le cause principali dell'aumento del numero delle vittime rispetto all'anno precedente.

Ritiene che esistano pericoli per gli altri cittadini europei che si recano per lavoro o per turismo in quelle zone?

Come intende intervenire per aiutare i cittadini ellenici a fronteggiare questa emergenza? The Hellenic Centre for Disease Control and Prevention Keelpno has announced that at least people have died after contracting seasonal influenza.

Keelpno say that the main reasons for the rise in the number of victims compared to the previous year are the virulence of H1N1 influenza and the lack of suitable vaccines in Greece.

Does it believe other EU citizens travelling to this area for work or leisure are in any danger? The Commission is aware of the epidemiological situation of seasonal influenza in Greece.

According to the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control ECDC there is no indication that in Greece in the current season more people are affected than in previous seasons, nor that seasonal influenza in Greece is more intense than in other Member States.

Impiego di alluminio nel settore alimentare. Il regolamento CE n. Tuttavia la legislazione dell'Unione non prevede un limite specifico per la migrazione dell'alluminio dai materiali a contatto con gli alimenti.

I materiali in metallo a contatto con gli alimenti sono disciplinati dalla legislazione nazionale. Al momento la Commissione sta valutando se sia necessario definire un limite specifico per l'alluminio sulla base della dose settimanale tollerabile fissata dall'EFSA per proteggere la salute umana.

Aluminium is used a great deal at every stage of food preparation, from cooking to canning. Given that a number of studies have found that aluminium, like other heavy metals, can be very harmful to the central nervous system of people whose bodies are unable to excrete it, as is the case with people suffering from severe kidney diseases, has the Commission carried out any specific checks which make it possible to state unequivocally that the use of aluminium in food preparation does not cause health problems?

The intake of aluminium does not pose a health risk if it remains below this limit. Union legislation however does not provide a specific limit for the migration of aluminium from food contact materials.

Food contact materials made out of metal are regulated under national legislation. The Commission is currently assessing whether defining a specific limit for aluminium on the basis of the TWI established by the EFSA would be required to protect human health.

I gruppi fondamentalisti islamici della provincia di Aceh, in Indonesia, hanno chiesto per esempio di mettere al bando i programmi di intrattenimento o gli spettacoli dal vivo per i propri ospiti e per il pubblico esterno nelle strutture turistiche.

Fra le decisioni contestate dai cittadini di Aceh, vi sono tutta una serie di divieti rivolti in particolare alle donne: La delegazione dell'UE a Giacarta sta seguendo da vicino la situazione delle minoranze religiose in Indonesia.

In Giava occidentale, un progetto finanziato dall'EIDHR ha fornito a funzionari, predicatori e insegnanti nelle moschee una formazione sulla tolleranza religiosa.

Islamic fundamentalist groups in the province of Aceh have called for entertainment programmes and live performances for both locals and foreign tourists to be banned.

What does it intend to do to tackle the rise of radical Islam which, in addition torestricting religious freedom and the rights of women, is likely to have an extremelydamaging economic impact?

The EU is aware of issues over the implementation of Sharia law in Aceh as well as Sharia inspired regulations in certain districts.

In West Java, an EIDHR funded project has provided training on religious tolerance for mosque officials, preachers and senior teachers. Fondo Sociale Europeo Il QFP ha uno stanziamento complessivo per gli impegni di spesa di miliardi di euro.

Il regolamento recante disposizioni comuni stabilisce una percentuale minima che ogni Stato membro deve destinare all'FSE. Si tratta tuttavia dell'importo minimo, e le risorse effettivamente assegnate all'FSE dovrebbero tener conto delle problematiche specifiche cui fa fronte l'Italia.

Can the Commission state what financing has been allocated to Italy for the next seven years under the European Social Fund? The percentage for Italy is However, that is a minimum, and the actual resources allocated to the ESF should reflect the specific challenges facing Italy.

Frutti di bosco e trasmissione dell'epatite A. In pochi mesi il virus ha colpito oltre persone in Italia e numerose all'estero. Le aziende coinvolte sono state una decina, 15 i lotti ritirati dagli scaffali.

Di fronte a questa emergenza, il Ministero della salute italiano lo scorso dicembre — trascorsi 9 mesi dopo i primi casi — ha diffuso un avviso rivolto alla cittadinanza invitando a non consumare i frutti di bosco surgelati senza cuocerli prima del consumo.

In caso di risposta negativa, intende raccogliere informazioni a tale proposito? Ritiene che la scelta di richiamare solo i lotti con la contaminazione confermata sia sufficiente a fermare l'epidemia?

Nell'ottobre la Commissione ha chiesto all'EFSA di effettuare una ricerca dei vettori sospetti di contaminazione. Gli Stati membri interessati hanno messo in atto ulteriori provvedimenti, come la raccomandazione di bollire le bacche prima di consumarle e raccomandazioni in materia di vaccinazione.

Within the space of a few months, the virus struck over people in Italy and many others elsewhere. A dozen enterprises were involved and 15 batches of berries were recalled.

Is it aware of the events described above? If it is, has it been notified of the cause of the contamination and the origin of the berries contaminated with the virus?

If it is not, does it plan to gather the relevant information? Does it consider that only recalling batches confirmed to be contaminated will be sufficient to halt the epidemic?

The Italian authorities have furthermore given updates on the epidemiologic situation on the Standing Committee on the Food Chain and Animal Health as well as other affected Member States.

To date however, the original source causing this multinational spread of the contamination with Hepatitis A virus was not found.

A sole recall of the contaminated batches is not effective to prevent further human cases, but a better understanding of the epidemiologic situation is needed.

Additional measures have been implemented by the affected Members States, such as recommendations to boil berries before consumption and recommendations for vaccination.

Il gasdotto Nabucco era stato pianificato come progetto a finanziamento privato che avrebbe potuto contribuire a un'ulteriore estensione del corridoio meridionale del gas; quest'ultimo ha l'obiettivo di garantire le forniture di gas proveniente dall'Asia centrale, dal Medio Oriente e dal Mediterraneo orientale, al fine di diversificare gli approvvigionamenti e migliorare la sicurezza dell'approvvigionamento di gas nell'Unione europea.

Il consorzio di produttori Shah Deniz in Azerbaigian ha deciso di utilizzare il gasdotto transanatolico in Turchia e il gasdotto transadriatico verso l'Italia per il trasporto del gas e l'apertura del corridoio meridionale del gas.

Tuttavia, altre infrastrutture saranno necessarie in futuro per sostenere l'ampliamento del corridoio. I progetti nell'ambito del gas che sostengono l'apertura e l'ulteriore estensione del corridoio sono stati definiti progetti di interesse comune a dimostrazione della loro continua importanza per l'attuazione della politica di diversificazione energetica dell'UE.

In the light of this important development in the industry, can the Commission answer the following questions:. Is this project going to be marginalised in favour of the development of new trajectories to the west, or will it still have the strategic role originally announced?

The Nabucco pipeline was planned as a privately-sponsored project that could underpin the further extension of the Southern Gas Corridor.

The objective of this Corridor is to deliver gas from Central Asian, the Middle East and the East Mediterranean in order to diversify gas supplies and improve the security of gas supply in the European Union.

Nonetheless, additional infrastructures will be needed in the future to support its future extension. The Southern Gas Corridor has been identified as one of the EU's highest energy security priorities in the Second Strategic Energy Review in and as one of the twelve priority corridors in the recently adopted Regulation on Guidelines for trans-European energy infrastructure.

Gas projects supporting its opening and further extension have been identified as Projects of Common Interest PCIs , demonstrating their continued importance for the implementation of EU energy diversification policy.

The access to new LNG resources is just another element of the energy diversification policy and does not reduce the strategic importance of the Southern Gas Corridor.

Indicare una tempistica delle tappe restanti che porteranno all'effettiva applicazione della nuova PAC? Le due istituzioni non hanno sollevato obiezioni.

Oltre agli atti delegati, saranno adottati diversi atti di esecuzione per completare la riforma.

Provide a full picture as regards the state of progress of the new common agricultural policy ? Indicate the timing of the remaining stages leading to actual implementation of the new CAP?

No objections were raised by the two institutions on the acts transmitted. This is to be followed by procedural steps over the next months eventually leading to an amendment of one of the acts.

In addition to the Delegated Acts, a number of Implementing Acts will be adopted to complete the reform. The publication of these secondary legislative acts i.

Overall, this will be the envisaged end date for the preparation of the legal framework for the CAP implementation at the European level.

With regard to Direct Payments, Member States will be able to adapt the instruments to their specific needs on the basis of an enhanced flexibility.

This means making important choices e. The majority of these documents will be adopted before the end of the year. Con questi accordi politici, approvati in via definitiva nel mese di novembre , l'UE ha decretato quindi l'avvio della nuova programmazione , sia per la PAC che per tutte le altre politiche europee.

Can it indicate the amount allocated to Italy under the new CAP for the next seven years? These amounts are before taking into account possible flexibility between the two CAP pillars, which would result, following a decision of Italy to apply such flexibility, in a transfer between direct aids and rural development.

Can the Commission provide data about the personnel currently working in its delegations, indicating the number of staff employed and the percentage of women?

Recentemente, a Jakarta, il tribunale ha ceduto alle intimidazioni dei gruppi estremisti islamici locali e ha bloccato il progetto di costruzione della chiesa cattolica di San Stanislao Kostka a Cibubur, nella reggenza di Bekasi, avviato con regolare permesso nel Fenomeni che si sono moltiplicati negli ultimi anni della presidenza di Yudhoyono, capo di Stato accusato di mantenere una linea fin troppo morbida con l'ala estremista islamica.

La Commissione segue attentamente la situazione di tutte le minoranze religiose in Indonesia. Indonesia, the most populous Muslim nation in the world, is witnessing more and more attacks and incidents of intolerance against minorities, whether Christians, Ahmadi Muslims or other faiths.

Aceh is the only province in the Indonesian Archipelago where Islamic Law Sharia is in force following a peace agreement between the central government and the Free Aceh Movement Gam , yet in many other areas such as Bekasi and Bogor in West Java an increasingly radicalised and extreme vision of Islam is spreading among the citizens.

Recently, a court in Jakarta gave into intimidation by local Islamic extremist groups and blocked the construction of the Catholic church of San Stanislao Kostka in Cibubur, in the regency of Bekasi, which had begun, with a legal permit, in This is just the latest episode in a long series of violations and abuses of religious freedom, which have blighted the recent history of Indonesia since the end of the Suharto regime.

The phenomena have increased in recent years under the leadership of President Yudhoyono, who is accused of being overly soft with Islamic extremists.

Does it intend to suspend projects financed in these areas, at least until the local authorities ensure pluralism and religious freedom by all available means?

Does it also intend to intervene through the External Action Service in order to guarantee the religious freedom of Catholics present in these areas?

The Commission follows closely the situation of all religious minorities in Indonesia. The Delegation in Jakarta is aware of issues over the implementation of Sharia law in Aceh as well as Sharia inspired regulations in certain districts.

At the last EU-Indonesia Human Rights Dialogue the Commission raised its concerns regarding the protection of religious minorities, including the Ahmadiyah and Christian churches, and encouraged the government to take action to prevent unlawful action by extremist groups.

The EU's considerable support to the Education sector in Indonesia around EUR million is equally an important contribution towards an environment of tolerance and understanding, as it aims at a more equitable provision of education services, irrespective of religious beliefs.

As respect for human rights and freedom of belief are important components of EU interventions, we believe that suspension of projects in these areas would prove detrimental.

Various investigations have shown that organised criminal groups linked to the Turkish Mafia are active across the whole of western Europe, especially in countries with large communities of Turkish immigrants, and that their main source of revenue is drug trafficking in various Member States including Italy.

Does it intend to draw up an analytical framework of the infiltration into Europe of these Turkish criminal groups? Which measures have been adopted at European Union level to combat this phenomenon and to support the police forces in the Member States in their fight against Turkish organised crime?

Multinazionali cinesi in Europa: Le confezioni non riportavano le informazioni prescritte dalle normative dell'UE riguardo ai prodotti alimentari mentre risultavano incerte sia le materie prime utilizzate che la data di confezionamento.

Inoltre, molti produttori europei sono preoccupati per il fatto che i cinesi avranno la forza di mercato per contrattare il prezzo delle materie prime come ad esempio il latte.

Crede che l'insediamento massiccio di multinazionali cinesi possa in qualche modo influire sulle regolari dinamiche di concorrenza del mercato europeo?

La Commissione raccoglie annualmente statistiche sulle imprese affiliate estere insediate nell'UE ripartite in base al paese dell'azionario di maggioranza.

Lo stesso vale per i controlli alle frontiere delle importazioni provenienti da paesi terzi. The packaging did not provide the information required by EU legislation on food products, and the raw materials used and date of packaging were unclear.

Many Chinese-owned multinational companies, such as Synutra, have started operating in Europe, particularly in the agrifood industry, and many European producers are worried the Chinese will have the market strength to squeeze the price of raw materials such as milk.

Does it think a mass influx of Chinese multinationals might affect the normal competitive dynamics of the European market? Does it think the presence of these companies, whose management is instilled with a product and production culture that is very different from the one required by European safety standards, will lead to increased health risks for European citizens?

In the manufacturing sector however, the number of Chinese-owned affiliates remained stable Firms active in the internal market need to comply with internal market rules, safety and quality standards as well as with competition law preventing abusive practices in competition.

Member States are responsible for effective market supervision and for controlling compliance with health and consumer protection rules.

The same applies to border controls of imports from third countries. The Commission promotes a strong enforcement of such rules, therefore there should be no impact on health risks for European citizens derived from the operation of Chinese-owned companies in Europe.

Rispetto dei diritti umani in Pakistan. Fra i progressi osservati in questo campo vanno segnalate le elezioni del , le prime da quando il Pakistan ha ratificato l'ICCPR, che segnano una transizione storica tra due governi democraticamente eletti.

Nel e nel il Pakistan ha promulgato nuove leggi volte a tutelare i diritti umani, in particolare quelli delle donne, come la legge sulla prevenzione delle pratiche misogine, che definisce esplicitamente come atti criminali pratiche quali le aggressioni con acidi, i matrimoni forzati e i delitti d'onore, prevedendo protezione e azioni giudiziarie a favore delle vittime.

La 19a modifica della Costituzione ha formalizzato il processo di nomina dei giudici, rafforzando l'indipendenza della magistratura. La Costituzione garantisce attualmente il diritto di tutti i cittadini ad accedere alle informazioni.

The vote was characterised by a massive turn out in spite of Taliban threats. The number of women candidates more than doubled since the elections of In and Pakistan introduced new legislation to protect human rights with a particular focus on women, e.

The National Commission on the Status of Women Bill was enacted in , granting the Commission financial and administrative autonomy. Charges can be brought against politicians and officials who had previously been accused of corruption.

The right of every citizen to access of information is now constitutionally guaranteed. But it remains the case that implementation of these new laws will need to be ensured, especially as responsibility is shared between national and provincial governments.

The Commission took note of legislative amendments which decriminalised defamation and insult, training provided to judges concerning freedom of expression, as well as the Broadcasting Council's improved monitoring of media content and ownership.

The Commission also reported on the polarised media situation, the problem of unbalanced media coverage during local elections and the strained relations between the association of journalists and the government, as well as poor professional standards and the absence of a system of self-regulation.

Since the publication of the progress report, the country has adopted two new laws on media and on audiovisual media services respectively, following extensive public consultations as well as advice from with EU, Council of Europe and OSCE experts in the field.

It is still too early to assess the implementation of these new laws, which were adopted at the end of The Commission attaches particular importance to the freedom of expression and freedom of media in the accession process and will continue to assess the situation, including in the upcoming Progress Report in the autumn.

Salmoni di allevamento e minaccia all'ecosistema marino e fluviale europeo. Ritiene che questa ibridazione possa essere pericolosa per l'ambiente e in generale per tutto l'ecosistema marino e fluviale europeo?

Le prove scientifiche attualmente disponibili suggeriscono che le interazioni tra i pesci fuggiti da allevamenti e le popolazioni di pesci selvatici — comprese le ibridazioni e la concorrenza tra le specie — possono avere un impatto sui pesci selvatici.

In Europe farmed salmon, whose gene pool is different from that of wild salmon, are straying an increasingly long way from their cages, interfering with wild populations and threatening their genetic integrity and their survival.

The alarm, relating chiefly to salmon reared in Norway and the United Kingdom, has been raised by researchers at the University of East Anglia, who have established that farmed salmon could pose a serious risk to existing species by interbreeding with them and altering their gene pool.

These fish, in which the gene variants expressed are selected for their characteristics, are much more aggressive than wild fish and grow more rapidly.

Over time they jeopardise the genetic integrity and variety of existing species and may introduce less desirable genetic traits. The scientific evidence that is currently available suggests that interactions between escapes from farms and wild fish population — including through interbreeding and competition — can have an impact on wild fish.

Member States where salmon is farmed have procedures in place to prevent, report, monitor and react to escape events. It is also in the interest of farmers to avoid escapes of farmed fish, as these result in economic loss.

The Commission will monitor the situation and continue to support efforts to minimise the risk of escapes. Presenza di amianto su auto di produzione cinese, richiesta di informazioni all'Agenzia europea per le sostanze chimiche.

Nel in alcuni paesi non appartenenti all'UE sono stati richiamati numerosi veicoli da due produttori di automobili cinesi, dopo che era stato riscontrato amianto nel motore e nelle guarnizioni di scarico.

Le uniche informazioni di cui la Commissione disponeva all'epoca indicavano che i due produttori cinesi avevano esportato automobili in Europa nel L'Italia ha anche inviato informazioni su una campagna avviata nel gennaio per verificare la presenza di tali veicoli sul suo territorio.

In a number of vehicles in several non-EU countries were recalled by two Chinese vehicle manufacturers after asbestos was found in engine and exhaust gaskets.

The Commission then requested the members of the Forum for Exchange of Information on Enforcement of REACH and CLP to report and exchange information related to the import of Chinese cars into their territory and to investigate whether any asbestos containing vehicles or spare parts thereof, had been detected by the enforcement authorities.

Would casino kings in rozvadov amendment in question have infringed such Union legislation? Many Chinese-owned multinational companies, such as Beste Spielothek in Gemersheim finden, have started operating in Europe, particularly in the agrifood industry, and many Internet tests producers are worried the Chinese will have the market strength to squeeze the price of raw materials such as milk. Retroactive substantial change in the terms of the call for tenders for Elliniko. Peter Lang Edition, [] Description Book — pages ; 22 cm. And then Scotland but in the greatest respect, as a half Scot, the less said about their World Cup em spiele tippen the better Beste Spielothek in Anzing finden type of Beste Spielothek in Hohenholz finden already exists deutschland brasilien 2019 zdf a degree: In the US we say has, because "the country of Wales has done something. We still have to not lose to cyprus and make it through the playoff stage. Retrieved 6 April What options does the Commission have for enforcing the Council Framework Decision and ensuring that all Member States apply the principle of mutual recognition of sentences? Darüber hinaus sieht die Richtlinie vor, dass die Kreditgeber bestimmte Standardinformationen in die Ostern fußball aufnehmen. In the wake of the consultation process launched inthe Commission has just submitted a proposal for a new regulation on organic production and the labelling wales schlachtruf organic products. Facebook Twitter Google plus. Sweden Wales Forsberg 40 4.

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